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Top Five Places For Clutter in the Home–and What To Do About it

Getting Rid of Clutter

We all have a little  clutter in our homes.

And granted, it can end up in some pretty weird places (I once found a stack of mail in my bathroom cabinet), but typically it ends up in the same spaces in almost every single home. Today, I’m going to write what I think are the top five places for clutter in your home, and exactly what to do about it to help you better organize your home life.

#5 On the coffee table: At any given point, there could be stacks of magazines, bills, iced tea glasses, and craft projects that I’m working on while watching television on the coffee table.

Solution:  Buy some colorful storage boxes for crafts and projects. Make them part of your decor. For magazines or books that you read on the couch, buy a couple of cute magazine holders like these, from the Container Store.
#4 Underneath the bed: We can all admit that we tend to shove things out of sight that we don’t have room for/ can’t find the proper space to place it. There could be old shoe boxes, winter sweaters, old high school mementos, and probably some pet toys that have been batted or pawed underneath.

Solution: Make the decision to declutter. If it’s under your bed, there’s probably a reason for it. Eliminate as much of it as you can, either donating or discarding it in the trash. For stuff that you must keep, there are some great under-the-bed storage solutions, like these from Target.

#3 On top of the dresser:  This is where all of the clothes go that we either can’t fit inside the dresser, or we’re too lazy to hang up.

Solution: Before you go to bed, dedicate the last 10 minutes of your night to putting away your clothes. The first few nights might be hard, and you might be sleepy, but really try to make this a habit. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Tuesday morning with tons of clothes all over the dresser and floor, and you have nothing clean or pressed to wear.

#2 On top of the entry way table: This space is definitely a catch-all for keys, purses, cell phones, loose change, bills, mail, snacks, etc.

Solution: There are so many great buys out there in the furniture market for entryway storage units, like these in Pottery Barn.


#1 On top of the dining room table: Take your pick of what could be on this space on any given day. The modern dining room table seems to be less for eating, and more for projects, homework, an inadvertent office for those who work at home.

Solution: The best solution I’ve read or heard about is to actually USE your dining room table for its intended purpose. We are so busy in our lives that it’s nice to take the opportunity to slow down and actually eat dinner the way it’s supposed to be eaten (not in a car, at a fast food restaurant, in front of the television, or at work or school.) Set the table with pretty place settings and make it a permanent fixture in your schedule. Do this, and I guarantee that your dining room table will stay clear of clutter.