The Proper Way to Hand Wash Dishes

I am well aware that hand washing dishes is something that should be common sense unless you believe that you can dump a pan of oil into soapy water, wash it and still expect it to come out spotless, then we have a problem. Or a pet peeve. I have this pet peeve and didn’t find out this peeve until the I watched my dear husband hand wash dishes. He’s much better now but for the longest time I had to show him and ask him nicely to wash a few pots again since they were still covered in oil. I am ever so grateful that I have a husband who will hand wash dishes for me but I still have to leave the room when he does because I tend to be… overly helpful. 🙂 In the end they come out clean and that’s what is really important here.

To properly hand wash dishes, you’ll need:

  • Hot soapy water
  • Extra soap
  • Scrubby
  • Optional, rubber gloves
  1. Scrap off excess food into trash.
  2. Place dried, crusty dishes into sink to soak.
  3. Fill one sink with hot soapy water and if you have a second, fill that with warm water with a splash of vinegar, to aid in a spotless drying.
  4. Start scrubbing the least dirty dishes first.
    Most scrubbers have a scraper on the top to help get rid of stuck on cheese or other stubborn food crusties.
  5. Use a cup to corral silverware or sharp knives so you don’t miss any or cut yourself in the process.
  6. Continue hand washing dishes and changing the water as needed. You will need to change the water when there is more fat and oil on top than bubbles.
  7. Rinse soap bubble off your freshly hand washed dishes in the vinegar water.
  8. Lay out a towel or get a drying rack to recreate the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    I like to use towels to let my dishes dry on because they are much easier to hide once the dishes are done.
  9. Put away dishes once they are dry.

This is the way my mother taught me to hand wash dishes so I figured this is how everyone’s mother taught them. I have since learned that apparently you can forget important life skills like hand washing dishes because of the invention of the dishwasher. In case you have forgotten, or always had the luxury of a dishwasher and now have a broken one or lack of one, that is how you hand wash dishes.

Happy Washing!

Please feel free to share this post with stubborn teenagers who think they know everything.


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