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The Most Common Stains that Stick..and What to do About Them

There’s not a whole lot worse than discovering a fresh stain on your brand new couch, rug, or carpets, but it’s an unfortunate incident with which most of us are familiar.

So what foods or liquids do you need to particularly watch out for? And what do you do when you (gasp) have one of them in your home?

The Most Common Types of Stains:

• Red wine

• Coffee

Coffee time








• Juice

Succo di pomodoro

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So now that we know what the most common types of stains are, how do we eliminate them?

The most important thing to know about stains is to fix them quickly. The minute you spill or notice the stain immediately tends to them so they don’t set. Grab a microfiber cloth and add a bit of mild dish soap to dab at the spot. NEVER rub or scrub a spot. I know it might be your first instinct, but this can often make spots a lot bigger, making them even more difficult to get rid of.

If your spot is resistant to mild dish soap and dabbing, your spot most likely needs attention from a professional. To prevent stains from setting, you may want to consider applying carpet protectants in order to keep your home as beautiful as the day you moved in.