15 Brilliant Stain Removal Tips


I apologize for the lack of posts over the past 2 weeks; transferring the blog and getting it set up has been time consuming in addition to my regular job. Basically I feel like I was throw off the face of the planet and I’m still trying to get back on. Now back to the blog post I know y’all have been dying for.

The ever so kind and gracious people over at Hometalk asked me to curate a board for awesome household stain removal tips and I was more than happy to oblige. Now these stain fighters are not just laundry related but pretty much related to things all over your house and garage. Now without further adieu:

15 Stain Removal Tips

1. How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains

hard-water-stain-fighterDomestically Speaking uses one of my favorite cleaning agents, white vinegar, to remove stubborn hard water stains from around the faucet.

2. How to Remove Water Stains from Wood

wood-water-stain-fighterThis wood water stain remover from Sweet Parish Place caught my eye, especially since it uses olive oil and salt! I’m wondering if it works on burn marks too; my poor table has a few.

3. Cooked on Grease Stain Remover

Once upon a time I tried this method and didn’t blogged about it yet, but completed loved the results. Simply Real Moms recommend, as well as me, putting your grease covered stove grates in a zip lock baggie with some ammonia overnight to remove the stubborn stains. Word of caution, do not mix bleach with the ammonia as the fumes are deadly. Also, the ammonia reeks as well so work in a well ventilated area.

4. How to Remove Carpet Stains

Carpet Care Tips
This one time, yes just once, when red sauce magically appeared onto my carpet, because we don’t eat in our living room, I was able to get it out with a simple, carpet stain fighting solution made from dish soap and cool water.

5. How to Fight Coffee Stains and Build Up

coffee-stainsLet’s just say that some of use need a little help waking up in the morning and to help keep your morning cup tasting smooth Creek Line House has a great tip to keep your pot and machine clean.

6. How to Remove Copper Tarnish

copper-cleaning-tips-ketchup-cleaning-tipsThis simple stain removal solution isn’t just for BBQ’s anymore, Cupcakes and Crinoline shows that it is helpful at removing tarnish from copper.

7. How to Remove Permanent Marker Stains

permanent-marker-stainsI have, on more than one occasion, walked around with an uncapped pen and marked up something I didn’t mean to and some of you have tiny humans that do that for you. Fortunately, Creek Line House also has a great tip to remove those permanent marker stains, as well as other ink stains.

8. Making Stainless Steel Shine

Sometimes being super mom allows you just to go out and buy a cleaner you know will work just to save your sanity. Making Lemonade found the perfect cleaner to erase the not-so-cute finger grime from her stainless steel fridge.

9. Bright White Collars- How to Remove Collar Stains

remove-shirt-collar-stainI will never understand how men’s shirt collars stain so badly but I do know how to remove them. Get those collar stains out with my simple tutorial.

10. Getting Blood Stains Out

removing-blood-stains-tipsI figured while we were on the laundry subject we’d cover how to get out one of the worst stains. Cupcakes and Crinoline has a great solution to get unwanted blood stains out.

11. Old or New Remove Smelly Pet Stains

I absolutely love my furry friends but no the presents that they leave on my carpet occasionally. The Little Brags have an easy and natural pet stain fighting tip to keep your carpets clean.

12. Concrete Stain Removal Tips

While I am responsible for most of everything indoors, the husband is responsible for things outside and The Home Repair Tutor has a great tutorial on how to remove concrete stains.

13. Rust Stain Removal Tips for Chrome Fixtures

chrome-stain-removal-tipsI don’t know about you but I love the look of chrome and Simplicity in the South has a great way to remove rust stains and keep your chrome looking new.

14. Keep Your Sink Looking New

Easy Sink Stain Removal TipsKeeping the sink clean seems like it should be fairly simple considering how many things you wash in it; however, Clover House has some great stain removal tips for people like who have issues with it sometimes. 🙂

15. Shining up Silver

Stain Removal Tips for SilverMy heart sings for silver tea sets, always has, always will. So when you find a tarnished silver set, get it and clean it up with It All Started with Paint’s tutorial.

I frequently scour the internet for new ways to clean things and I am grateful that someone else is as crazy as me to blog about cleaning. Some of these stain removal tips I have heard about and use on a frequent basis while others I was pleasantly surprised.

Happy Cleaning!

What do yo think of these stain removal tips?