How to Iron a Men’s Shirt

How to Iron a Men's Shirt

I actively avoid ironing men’s shirts so much so that I buy the wrinkle free kind and will restart the dryer to avoid wrinkles. However, I actually am pretty good at ironing shirts and I can iron about 10 shirts in 20 minutes. Today I’ll share my tips on:

How to Iron a Men’s Shirt

  1. Check the Material: The shirt I am using is 100% cotton (you may use the hottest setting for cotton), as you can see below, but this step is important so that you can set your iron to the proper temperature.  I ruined my favorite shirt by not checking the material and setting the appropriate temperature.
  2. Iron the inside: I started with the collar, ironing the backside. I have had bad experiences where I burned a different item and the burn has transferred to the current item.
    iron mens shirt
  3. Iron the arms: When ironing the arms, flatten the sleeves from the seam and move the iron upward to ensure no wrinkles and a crisp line. This also helps when ironing the cuffs as it will align the folds properly.
    how to iron a shirt
  4. Iron the front inside out: Super helpful for the button side, place the shirt with the inside facing up (again, precaution in case the iron is too hot). Start from the top or bottom and work your way down the buttons.
    Ironing men's shirts
  5. Place shoulder on the edge: To get the shoulder nice and flat, place it over the end of the ironing board.
    How to Iron Shirts
  6. Iron the back of the shirt: I do iron on the outside of the shirt this time as there are usually darts. Lay the shirt back flat and then pull the bottom taut to set the darts for ironing.
  7. Hang on a wooden hanger: I promise this makes a difference. The wooden hangers are thicker and allow the collar to sit properly and shirt to hang straighter.
    Ironing a Men's Shirt

There you have it, how to iron a men’s shirt. I don’t always iron my husband’s shirts, but when I do, he looks extra sharp. Like I said earlier, it takes me about 2 minutes per shirt to get them ironed this way. Make sure you pay attention to what temperature your specific iron recommends for each type of fabric. My particular iron has 6 settings and kindly tells me which one to use. If your iron runs hot or you are unsure, start your iron at a lower than recommended temperature and then work your way up to what works for your shirts.

Happy ironing!