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How to Get Rid of Home Odors Naturally

There’s nothing worse than walking into your house and smelling last night’s dinner (which was undoubtedly something with onions or fish to make it extra pungent.) You most likely would reach for your store-bought air freshener in this scenario, but you might want to think twice.

Although these store-bought air fresheners do make your home smell good (for a good 30 seconds)  they are absolutely horrible for your health.  Air freshener users are more likely to have congestion, headaches, and even an increased likelihood of depression! But besides all these negatives, it always seems like the scents are so generic. By making your own natural air fresheners you’re doing the earth a favor, improving your health, plus you get the chance to be creative! Here’s how to get rid of home odors naturally.

My List of Favorite Natural Air Fresheners
–  One of the best, easiest, and CHEAPEST ways to deodorize your whole home is to fill a pot with about eight cups of water and simmer any combination of natural scents that you like. My suggestion is to start out with some dry orange or lemon peels OR  some cinammon sticks with a little bit of sage. This will fill your whole house with an amazing aroma pretty much instantly. After you’re done, just compost the peels or the sticks.

-An old standby is to put a box of opened baking soda in any area that needs major odor help. Another natural and easy way to deodorize is to mix white vinegar with some lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Spritz a few times in every room and you’ll be able to tell a difference quickly.

-Have you ever made your own potpourri? You can also do this for a reasonable amount, plus you get to actually pick the stuff that goes in it. Again, this is a great use for your old orange or lemon peels (just be sure they’re dry), cinammon sticks, mint leaves, and really just anything that’s dry and has a scent. To make the scent even more complex, add some essential oils which are available at most health food stores.

Another great way to add good scents naturally is to schedule a KIWI carpet cleaning. We only use all-natural ingredients in our carpet cleaning solution and the scent lasts for weeks.

So there you have it, how to get rid of home odors naturally! There are literally thousands of combinations of scents to make, so go and have some fun!