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How to Clean The Bathroom Quickly

We’ve all been in this position: your husband tells you your in-laws are coming over this afternoon/ your daughter tells you the entire basketball team is coming over after school/ your friends decided that the wine tasting party is going to be at your house tonight.

Although your first instinct might be to tell them all no way…not happening, don’t panic. You can handle this.

The basic thing you want your guests to think is: “How does she always keep such a clean house?”

Am I right?

I’ll tell you how to easily track them. Today’s blog will feature how to clean the bathroom quickly, and my next few sets of blogs will highlight how to clean the other rooms of the house quickly, such as the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.

The Bathroom:

If you have more than one bathroom, just take the time to clean the main bathroom. You can always come back to the second bathroom if you have time.

What you’ll need:

• White vinegar
• An empty spray bottle
• A rubber sponge
• Two microfiber cloths
• A plastic cup
• Bleach
• Toilet scrub brush

Start with the countertops in the bathroom, because those can be the first dead giveaway of a messy bathroom.

– Mix together equal parts white vinegar and water in your empty spray bottle (or if you don’t have that, any bathroom cleaner will do.)

– Spray your mixture on the counters, mirrors, top of the toilet, the bottoms of the toilet, lid, etc., and let it sit for just a few minutes. Pour one cup of bleach into the toilet and also let it sit for a few minutes.

– While you wait on the cleaner and bleach to work their magic on the countertops and toilet, begin cleaning the shower. To clean the shower, visualize the shower in three pieces. Spray your cleaning mixture on the first section of the shower/ tile and let it set. While the cleaning solution is working, go back to the counter, mirror, and toilet.

– Wipe down and lightly scrub the surfaces of the counter, toilet, and mirror. Take your toilet scrub brush and clean the rim and bowl. Flush once everything has been cleaned.

-Grab your rubber sponge and bring your attention back to the shower. Wet your sponge and scrub the first section. Rinse with the faucet or grab your plastic cup, fill with water, and splash.

– Spray the second section down with your cleaner. While you wait on the cleaner to work, shake out the bath mat on the floor and wipe down the floor with your microfiber towel, looking for hair or anything else lurking in the corners.

– Scrub the second section, rinse, and repeat with the third section.

What you can do in the future to save time: Clean the shower while you’re in the shower. This is a big help for me and allows me to really get in there and scrub without worrying whether or not my clothes will get wet.

What are some bathroom cleaning tips that you have? I would love to read them in the comment section below.