DIY Toilet Cleaner


Today is the day we address the commode and finally a topic that even I don’t really want to admit existence to. Mostly because cleaning the toilet is left to my dear husband and I will always be grateful for that. However, when your husband is out of town and you realize decide that the porcelain throne needs to be cleaned, you might as well share it with everyone. 🙂 Thanks to this pin and a little bit of research this DIY toilet cleaner works fantastically and should help to clear clogs.

You will need my favorite ingredients to clean with.

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda

Step One: Sprinkle baking soda in the toilet

Cleaning the toilet

I used about 1/2 a cup, which meant I sprinkled baking soda until I was satisfied with the coverage. The baking soda is going to help act a little scrubbers to remove some of the grime as well as some smells.

Step Two: Pour in some white vinegar

DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Be careful not to pour too much too fast or there will be overflowing bubbles. For once this didn’t happen to me but almost. Once again, I poured until I was satisfied which was about 2-3 cups. The vinegar will react with the baking soda (duh) and the bubbles will work to loosen grime.

At this point you can wait a few minutes to let the mixture sit or immediately move onto step three. I let mine sit for a few minutes so it would kill any odors I couldn’t smell. (I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t know if my house smells funny anymore. If anything I assume it smells like pickles with the amount of vinegar I use to clean everything.)

Step Three: Scrub with toilet cleaning brush


Nothing will ever replace scrubbing, especially scrubbing where the water comes out. 🙂

I am quite satisfied at how nicely this diy toilet cleaner worked. Typically we use a commercial cleaner but since we were out, this homemade solution did the job minus the chemical smell.

Happy Cleaning!