Can Air Duct Cleaning Reduce My Energy Cost?

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that we’ve all looked at our energy bills and wondered, “how did it get so high?”. If you try to be conservative using the A/C or heat inside your house, this can be especially puzzling when month after month you’re not seeing the cost dip down like it should.

There could be one big reason why you’re not seeing lower energy bills month after month: a dirty HVAC system. Clogged air filters, mold, dust, bacteria, and other debris can all make your HVAC system less efficient, which in turn will cost you more money on your energy bill.

An air duct cleaning—which consists of a thorough debris removal and application of antimicrobial cleaning agents—will not only make your energy costs go down, but it will also improve your indoor air quality.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Your HVAC system can get dust, dirt, and debris like hair and pet dander caught in the vents, motors, and coils. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold to grow—which is then cycled through your home, potentially causing respiratory problems and allergies. To keep the systems working and efficient (therefore saving you on energy costs), it’s crucial for you to keep them clean.

A professional air duct cleaning company, like Kiwi Services, can help you clean your air ducts and entire HVAC system and all of its components. Here’s what the process consists of:

1. Cleaning of the HVAC unit, squirrel cage, fan, and accessible air handling components in the furnace

2. A vent cleaning, which includes the removal and hand washing of the vent covers

3. Vacuuming of ducts to remove debris

4. Application of an antimicrobial treatment to disinfect the surfaces

5. Cleaning of the surrounding vent areas

6. Reinstallation of the vent covers

7. Cleaning and replacement of your filter

We also offer a condensed version of our air duct cleaning services, which includes a removal and washing of vent covers, an antimicrobial treatment, and a cleaning of the areas that surround your vents.

Kiwi’s air duct cleaning service also comes with a two-year air duct guarantee—meaning that we will give you a reapplication of our antimicrobial treatment at no charge within the first two years from your initial cleaning should you experience any mold or mildew regrowth in your system.

Interested in reducing your energy cost? Call Kiwi Services today for more information about our air duct cleaning services as well as a free, no-obligation quote!