Back to School Cleaning

Has summer vacation been tough on your home? Good news: the back-to-school season is the perfect time for a home cleaning reset. With kids back in class, it’s easier to whittle away at summer clutter and bring a spotless touch back to your home. It’s also a great time to establish new cleaning habits and start a fresh cleaning routine. Whether you’re cleaning on your own or turning to the home cleaning services of your local KIWI, here are the keys to success with back-to-school home cleaning.


It’s no secret that keeping a clean home is difficult with kids around. Almost every parent comes to the point where they realize their home needs a cleaning reset. This means performing a deep clean to deal with months’ (or years’) worth of clutter, dust, and grime. It also means a reset on cleaning routines and habits, so that things don’t get out of hand all over again.

At KIWI, our home cleaning service professionals have found that the back-to-school season is a particularly good time to update the way you clean your home. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Your kids have been home all summer and your home needs a deep cleaning now more than ever.
  • Back-to-school disrupts summer routines. This makes those routines, including your cleaning habits, easier to change.
  • Your kids’ routines are also in flux, so it’s easier to reshape the way they contribute to the cleaning of your home.
  • The sooner a reset happens, the less time you have to settle back into old habits. If you wait until October, you’re probably already settled into your old routine.


Unsure where to begin with back-to-school home cleaning? A good place to start is with the cleaning routines you want to develop. Think of how clean you want your home to be, what it would take to get it that clean right now, and what routines you would need to keep it that clean in the future. Use your answers to plan a deep-clean for your home and rethink your cleaning habits going forward.

If you’re overwhelmed by how much work needs to be performed to get your home clean, you might consider a one-time house cleaning service. With your kids out of the house, it will be a lot easier to have a team of professionals come in and perform a deep-clean on your home. Recurring home cleaning services can also be a great option if you’re worried that your family will have trouble sticking to good home cleaning habits. That’s why KIWI offers our one-year carpet cleaning warranty. Give us a call today to learn more!