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Rug Repair Alvin, TX

Alvin Rug Weaving

Alvin Rug Weaving, and Alvin Rug Repair, has the cure for your ailing rug. Over time all rugs suffer damage. After all, while they are a beautiful part of your house, they are also walked on all the time. Whether its tears and holes or you’re noticing discoloration in your rug, we know how to take care of the problem.

Rug Repair in Alvin with the outstanding service

By bringing your fine rug to Alvin Rug Repair you can be confident that our professional, trained rug weaving technicians will not just patch your rug, but will repair it and give it a new lease on life. If you have an oriental rug that is a family heirloom, you want to keep it looking great enough to hand down to the next generation. Our experts know how to make that happen. We know rugs intimately. Especially our Alvin Oriental rug weavers.You may not have known that there are over 64,000 different types of rug weaves. Generally speaking, every fine rug is unique. Our technicians know that, and know how to fix them. When a rug comes in for repair, they will carefully inspect and research the exact weave used to create your rug. Then our oriental weavers will hand repair the portions that need fixing.

Some of the services offered by Alvin Rug Repair are:

Indian Rug Repair
Persian Rug Repair
Oriental Rug Repair
Pakistani Rug Repair
Egyptian Rug Repair
Berber Rug Repair
Olefin Rug Repair
Dhurry Rug Repair

At Alvin Rug Repair we know that when you selected the fine rug you have put in your home, that it is an expression of you and your personality. A fine rug selection is a very personal experience, and we appreciate the care you put into finding the rug that suits you. We also know that fine rugs are a very expensive venture. We want to help you keep that rug a part of your life as long as possible.

In addition to re-weaving rips and tears in your rug, our rug weaving and repairing services in Alvin, Texas also have other services to revitalize your rug. Perhaps the fringes or tassels along the edge of your rug have seen better days. They are often the first area of the rug to pick up and keep dirt, and start to get that dingy look. They are also a target for animals to chew on and claw on. Our professional rug weavers are knowledgeable on making and replacing these items and make the edges look as fresh as the rest of your rug.

Why take a chance picking a rug cleaning company that doesn’t hand wash your rugs as KIWI does? Make sure the beauty of your rugs stays intact by calling KIWI today. Our rug cleaning services are trusted by over half a million customers.

All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

Why Take A Chance Picking A Rug Cleaning Company That Doesn’t Hand Wash Your Rugs As KIWI Does? Make Sure The Beauty Of Your Rugs Stays Intact By Calling KIWI Today. Our Rug Cleaning Services Are Trusted By Over Half A Million Customers.

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