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Furniture Sealant & Protectant Services

Furniture Sealant With Advanced Protector

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Furniture Sealant Services

Over time, the mill-applied upholstery protectant can start to lose its effectiveness. Everyday living can cause abrasions and general wear on both the furniture and its protective sealant. Call KIWI Services to schedule a furniture sealant application, which will ensure continued protection of your upholstery, guarding against permanent staining and lessening overall wear and tear. If you’re getting your upholstery cleaned, ask us about our UltraSeal protectant.

After the application of furniture sealant, most stains are easily removed with water. Even permanent stains,
including dyes, will be removed more easily. Furniture sealant is most effective when furniture is clean and free of fresh stains or dirt, so be sure to schedule an upholstery cleaning before you apply the sealant.

KIWI Services uses DuPont™ Teflon® Advanced Protector to seal your furniture. Teflon® Advanced is suitable to protect upholstery made from most cotton, nylon, polyester, and blends of these fibers. Because it is a
water-based protectant, we do not recommend having this applied to any fabrics easily damaged by water, such as silk or other exotic fiber types.

DuPont™ Teflon® Advanced Protector:

  • Forms an invisible shield around each fiber
  • Repels liquid spills
  • Is the best soil protection for all types of carpets
  • Helps carpets last longer
  • Protects your carpet investment
  • Helps make carpets easier to care for
  • Is safe around family and pets


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