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Drapery & Curtain Cleaning

Our Drapery Cleaning Service Puts Life Back into your Drapes

Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Fort Worth

Drapery Cleaning Service

Drapes and curtains can collect a lot of dust over the years, especially when they’re left unattended. This build-up
of dust and dirt makes drapery fabrics look dull and dark, and directly affects the quality of your indoor air. KIWI Services offers drapery cleaning services to refresh and brighten up your home.

We vacuum drapes right where they hang!

Your curtains should be cleaned periodically, just like furniture, carpets, and air ducts. That’s why KIWI makes drapery cleanings as convenient as possible by cleaning most drapes right where they hang! Here at KIWI, we don’t believe it’s necessary to submerge drapes in water. After a gentle vacuuming, you’ll be surprised to see much of the fabric’s deep, original coloring comes back to life! So put away the buckets and harsh cleaning solutions. This is not an infomercial or a miracle, it’s our powerful vacuums and plenty of elbow grease that provides you the best curtain cleaning available.


A clean curtain can brighten a whole room

Brighten your whole room by calling KIWI Services to schedule a drapery cleaning! Our cleaners are local and will be available at your convenience.

Dallas, TX: 972-354-0164
Houston, TX: 713-595-0427
Phoenix, AZ: 602-419-3596
Atlanta, GA: 470-375-9757
Austin, TX: 512-381-3414
Fort Worth, TX: 817-585-5974
Denver, CO: 720-943-2959

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