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Commercial Rug Cleaning

With so many people coming in and out of your business, it’s really easy for your floors and rugs to get some serious wear and tear. But because you are eager to make a good impression on any clients or customers who come into shop, sign a contract, or inquire about your services, it’s important that the first thing they see isn’t dirty or dingy floors.

Whether you need commercial carpet cleaning, or restoration services for your area rugs or oriental rugs for your business, Kiwi Services is here to assist you with over 38 years of expert cleaning experience.

Restore Your Carpets and Rugs for Your Business

Every business needs a deep cleaning every so often just to freshen it up and inspire all who come through your doors. Kiwi Services has helped all sorts of businesses—from those who just need their lobby spruced up with carpet cleaning to hotels that need a deep cleaning in every single guest room—and we’re here to give you great customer service no matter what your needs are.

Our commercial rug cleaning process is non-abrasive, safe for kids and those who suffer from allergies, and has a quicker dry time than any other carpet cleaner out there.

Our cleaning method for carpets and rugs is thorough, and our technicians diligently look at your floors and surfaces for signs of stains, odors, and areas that need to be repaired before we begin the service. We use green cleaning products that are friendly to the environment yet powerful enough to tackle deeply set stains and odors that have set into your rugs and carpets.

Extend the life of your carpet in your business by hiring Kiwi Services to clean it today! Call Kiwi for a no-obligation quote and to learn more about our services.

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