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Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning


With over 38 years of carpet cleaning experience, KIWI services provide customized carpet cleaning for each commercial setting. We have an extensive nationwide network of professionals along with a complete list of various options of commercial carpet cleaning services to provide big and small businesses with the greatest consistency and highest quality carpet cleaning results in the industry. We use the latest, modern equipment and environmentally friendly supplies, as well as well-trained staff to deliver a thorough clean and a healthy business environment for your employees and customers.

Do you need professional carpet cleaners that you can depend on?

KIWI services focus on ensuring your carpet investment is maintained for a long time. Our commercial carpet cleaning specializes in carpet problems from irregular wear and compression at high traffic areas, to stubborn stains and spills, carpet odors, and a dull, lifeless appearance. We identify your carpet fibers, analyzing the dirt and recommending the best cleaning option. Then by systematic cleaning, using the best techniques and technology, we tackle the deep-down dirt in your carpet. This helps you maintain your business image and put the bounce back into your carpet, as well as extend its lifetime. Whether it’s a regular or annual cleaning, we go the extra mile to get your carpets looking bright and at their best. Also, our professional carpet cleaning services will ensure that you make a great first impression to your customers and clients.

Are you looking for a Dry Carpet Cleaning Company?

KIWI services are a revolutionary dry carpet cleaning company. We use waterless carpet cleaning techniques. Traditional carpet cleaning methods leave water sitting in your carpet after the cleaning is done, but when KIWI finishes cleaning your carpets, they are dry immediately. Also, since we do not use water, you are not left with any sticky wet residues that attract dirt. This ensures that your carpet is cleaner for longer periods of time. Also, if your carpet is left wet after cleaning, mold spores will bond with the water and begin to breed, meaning mold develops and damages the floor below it. KIWI dry carpet cleaning removes all the mold spores, preventing the chances of breeding fungi. Our dry carpet cleaning system also drastically reduces cat allergens, mites, and pet dander after cleaning. Any kind of dirt will be removed from your carpet for good. Our dry carpet cleaning services will leave your employees and customers in a healthy environment.

The advantages of quick drying carpet clearing method for your business

When you chose quick dry carpet cleaning for your business, you experience no business interruptions waiting for your floors to dry. Business can continue to be conducted as usual because KIWI commercial carpet cleaning services can have your carpets dry in as little as 15 minutes. Other advantages of quick dry carpet cleaning is that it is safer for your business than steam cleaning. Steam cleaning has a variety of health issues that could present itself including mold and allergies. You also extend the life of your carpet with dry cleaning. Steam cleaning can be rough on your carpets, causing them to need to be fully replaced sooner than later. Submerging your floors in water, which steam cleaning does, can be detrimental long term. Because steam cleaning can be detrimental long term, steam cleaning often is not recommended. With dry cleaning, you are able to clean as often as necessary. If you have a coffee spill in your office just months after dry cleaning, KIWI can come out and get the coffee spill out without you worrying about the lifespan of the carpet.

Why choose us.

With KIWI services, you will discover the difference. We are a fully insured, bonded and licensed company; therefore, you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We understand the unique needs of every business and handle each carpet cleaning exclusively. Our primary goal is to meet your needs, timelines, and budgets with different carpet cleaning methods and custom designed programs. Our fast carpet cleaning service is designed to fit within your working schedule and ensure your business stays fully operational while we clean your carpets. We have the right team for the job who aim to restore the natural, clean appearance and texture of your carpets.

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