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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

FAQ Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Q. Why Should You Frequently Use KIWI on Cleaning Air Ducts?

A. Air ducts tend to get dirty quite often and should be cleaned using KIWI Services when the need arises. It is difficult to check air ducts for dirt, so it is imperative to hire professional air duct cleaners for your home and/or office needs. Proper air duct cleaning techniques ensure that the air ducts are cleaned to the highest standards and disinfect all sections of your HVAC system.

Q. What Makes Air Ducts Dirty?

A. The central heating system and the air conditioning system in your house or office is designed in a way that creates the best breeding area for the growth of mold and mildew. The air contaminants often get collected on the air conditioning motor and fan and pushed to other parts of the system thereby affecting the air that we breathe.

Q. What are the Common Health Issues Caused by Dirty Air Ducts?

A. Dirty air ducts contain several contaminants that can lead to various allergies and even hay fever. Furthermore, breathing air from dirty air ducts can lead to asthma attacks. Many people spend much of their time indoors, especially during the winter and summer months, increasing the importance and the need of having clean and healthy air indoors. Therefore, it is advised to hire professional air duct cleaners to perform high quality air duct cleaning

Q. Is it essential to Clean Other Parts Of The HVAC System When Cleaning The Ducts?

A. KIWI cleaning staff is fully trained to ensure proper cleaning of any component that handles air within your home system. Such elements include:

  • Ductwork,
  • Blowers
  • Supply plenums
  • Air intakes
  • Air vents
  • Air filters.

At KIWI Services, we consider every part of your home or office that handles air important and, therefore, we ensure we clean every element to avoid exposure to dirty air that can cause infections. The air duct cleaning process should cover all air ducts in your house or commercial space to eliminate the dirt that could expose you to infections. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) also affirms that there is need to clean every part since “Failure to clean a component of a contaminated [air duct] system can result in re-contamination of the entire system, thus negating any potential benefits.” Therefore, all parts of the ducts should be cleaned as regularly as they get dirty. With over 38 years of experience in duct cleaning you can trust KIWI will do the job right!

Q. What Types of Businesses Does KIWI Provide Services To?

While KIWI Services has always provided the highest quality residential services, we also provide services to many commercial spaces. Here are just a few!

  • Offices
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Rental Properties
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • And More!

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