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Carpet stain removal

tech cleaning stains from carpet

Our professional technicians remove tough spots using our very own KIWI SuperSpotter

Every KIWI cleaning visit, whether it’s an initial or warranty cleaning, includes the pre-treatment of stains with our KIWI SuperSpotter. This pre-treatment and general cleaning is very successful at carpet stain removal, removing general household stains and soiling. In most cases, your technician will be able to remove tough spots using the SuperSpotter and general cleaning.

A Special Cleaning Solution for Carpet Stains

Every once in awhile there are some tough spots and spills such as red stains, dye stains, wax, or grease stains that require a different technique or special cleaning solution. An experienced technician can usually let you know what to expect once he/she inspects the stain. In these cases, our tech will remove the stain using the best technique to either eliminate the stain completely or reduce it to a more acceptable level of fade. Our tech will give you a quote for these special carpet stain removal products and be ready to treat the stain right away. We can even remove nail polish stains, marker stains, or even gum from the carpet! For pet stain removal, we have three levels of treatments to help remove stains, discoloration, and neutralize pet odors on carpet.

Removal of tough stains

Carpet Stains Removal

The successful removal of tough stains, such as blood stains, ink stains, and paint stains, depends on what has already been done to the spot. The stain removal will vary if your carpet had sealant or how quickly we can get to the stain. When you spill or have an accident, it’s best if you call KIWI right away so the stain does not have time to set.
Home carpet stain Removal remedies

Be careful with home carpet stain remedies or over-the-counter stain cleaners! Stain removal is a science, and you want to avoid a chemical reaction that will bleach out your carpet or set the stain permanently. Remember, less is more! The best carpet stain removal tip is to never rub or scrub. Dab the carpet gently to soak up spills or clean spots. And always keep your carpet under our KIWI Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Service! Prompt attention from a trained and equipped professional is the only way to ensure the most successful removal of the toughest stains without damaging your carpet permanently. At KIWI, we know how to clean carpet and eliminate pet odor from concrete, wood floors and, padding  to thoroughly remove the stain and smell forever. Allow our professionals to get the job done right the first time.

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