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Carpet Cleaning

One-Year Carpet Cleaning Service 
With every carpet cleaning of $120 or more, enjoy one year of unlimited $4 a room return warranty cleanings.

Green Quick Dry Cleaning Solution
Our new green carpet cleaning solution, called CB2, dry’s in about 20 minutes and is free from the chemicals, allergens and pollutants that cause health issues. It is even GRAS certified (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the Food and Drug Administration.

100% Clean Carpet Guarantee
More than a promise, it’s a standard, 100% clean carpets. If you’re unhappy or if any stains reappear, call us within 30 days and we’ll re-clean the carpet we originally cleaned at no cost to you.

Super Special Offer 
Get 40% off the cost when you have three or more areas of carpet cleaned.

Unrivaled Professional Carpet Care

For busy homes with kids and pets, it was nearly impossible to keep the carpets clean from dirt and grime, until now. With KIWI Carpet Cleaning, our customers are able to get their carpets cleaned and keep them maintained with our 1-year carpet cleaning warranty that includes unlimited professional cleanings at the very low cost of just $4 per room.  Even when you have new stains or spills, or you’re hosting friends and family at your home and want your home to look its best, your carpets can always look freshly cleaned thanks to your KIWI warranty. It is our company’s mission to make every customer a lifetime customer and our commitment to provide you with a professional experience unmatched by other carpet cleaning companies. All at an honest and fair price.

A Superior Carpet Cleaning Method

Our company’s green and quick dry carpet cleaning method has lots of advantages and produces much better results over other companies’ methods of cleaning. The toughest stains will be removed, and your carpets will look nearly like new.

Green and Eco friendly

Use 75% less water than steam cleaning

Dries in about 15 to 30 minutes

Does not soak your carpet padding with water leaving it wet for days

Uses a cleaner made of natural ingredients

Ideal for cleaning synthetic and wool carpet

Safe for kids and pets

Rids your carpet of most household allergens

Special Exclusive pH balanced cleaner

All surface stains are pretreated as part of Kiwi’s general cleaning process to ensure the highest professional standard of excellence in cleaning performance. Whether your looking to clean the carpet of a residential home or a commercial office, our method will produce results that will make you a satisfied customer

8 Steps Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Walkthrough and inspection for spots and stains and carpet condition
  • Move Furniture to clear the area for cleaning
  • Vacuum to remove debris and loose dirt
  • Spray a mist of our green cleaning solution on the carpet surface
  • Pre-spottough stains with special products
  • Clean the carpet with a rotatory machine
  • Groom carpet fibers with a carpet rake
  • Receive our 30-day guarantee and a 1-year warranty certificates

Each carpet cleaning visit is backed by our 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee and comes with unlimited carpet cleaning  return visits for  a whole year.

The ideal Cleaning Process all types of Carpet Fibers

We at KIWI we pride ourselves for having the highest standards in the industry. We are IICRC certified as are all of our technicians, so you can trust your home is in good hands. At KIWI, we have the expertise and knowledge identifying carpet fibers. Our technicians are professionally trained to use KIWI’s exclusive carpet cleaning equipment and methods to clean all kinds of carpet fibers including:
• Acrylic
• Berber
• Blends
• Nylon
• Olefin
• Wool

The Most Proficient Cleaners Of Carpet Stains

Our technicians are highly skilled and professionally trained to remove any tough stains from your carpet, whether they be oil based or water based.

There are a few types of carpet stains that may need extra extensive treatments like heat transfer methods and carpet odor removal. These stains include:

  • Red stains
  • wax stains
  • dye stains
  • coffee stains
  • ink
  • brown stains
  • food stains
  • pet stains
  • nail polish
  • hair dye

Bleach stains, as these are irreversible without re-dying processes.

“Reappearing stains” are stains that return after an effective carpet cleaning. This type of stain is considered a reappearing stain because it indicates that the stain resides in the carpet padding and is resurfacing.

Carpet Odor treatment

Carpet odors can be caused by variety of reasons, but at KIWI we know how to handle them all. Pet odors generally affect all three layers – carpet, padding, and sub floor- and requires specialized professional treatments. Whether its bacteria or other odor source we can apply many different solutions to rid your home from carpet odor:

  • Deodorize
  • Disinfect
  • Sanitize

Carpet Stain and Soil Protector

Carpet protector helps carpet and upholstery fibers resist stains and prevents fading. Carpet manufactures recommend applying a protector to the carpet after cleaning. Many manufactures require that a carpet protectant to be applied to keep the stain and soil warranty valid. At KIWI we use the most advance green protectants available like Green Guard. Your technician can recommend to you what type of protectant should be applied to your carpet.

We have professionals that can repair and Extract water From Carpets

If your carpet needs repairs, or your home has suffered from water damage, don’t worry. KIWI Services has over 38 years of experience in both fields, and we can restore your carpet and home back to their original condition. KIWI’s carpet cleaners also have extensive knowledge and experience in carpet repairs and water damage restoration.

KIWI’s Extensive Cleaning Services

Along with impeccable professional carpet cleaning and carpet repair services, KIWI also offers the best tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and air duct cleaning in the industry. When it comes to carpet and upholstery, our professional carpet cleaners go above and beyond to remove things like dust mite and stains, and our tile and grout cleaning services will get your floors looking shiny again. Our air duct cleaning services are guaranteed to get your vents and HVAC system in the best shape, and all of our full system cleanings come with a two-year guarantee.

For Carpet Cleaning Call One Of Our Company’s Service Centers

If your carpets need a good cleaning that will restore them like new, then give KIWI a call today. Our representatives will make sure you are 100% happy with your experience and that you receive the best in customer service. With our unique one-year warranty, you can keep your carpets clean year-round. Our representatives are excited to hear from you and help you in any way they can!

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