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Carpet and Floor Cleaning Service

The carpets in your home go through a lot—whether it’s your dog tracking mud on them or the food spills that happen in the living room—and over time, they can start to look dirty and dingy no matter what kind of routine cleaning you give them. If your floors are starting to look a little worse for wear, it may be time to hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Kiwi Services has been cleaning carpets for over 38 years, and we know exactly how to get deep stains out and leave your carpets looking fluffy and fresh.

Here’s more about Kiwi’s cleaning solutions for your home. 

A Professional Cleaning Service for Your Floors

Kiwi is here to protect the investment you’ve made in your home—your floors. A good floor cleaning can totally change the way your home looks.

Here’s what Kiwi’s cleaning process looks like for carpets:

  • A walkthrough. Our technicians will first walk through the areas that need to cleaned, working to identify problem areas like heavy soiling, pet stains, or damaged carpet that needs to be repaired before the cleaning begins.
  • Move furniture. Before we begin to clean the carpets, we will move the furniture in the room. We take the time and care when moving all of the furniture in your home to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Vacuum. We use a professional grade vacuum to remove as much loose soil as possible.
  • Pre-spot treatment. Using our KIWI Super Spotter, we pre-treat all surface stains before we begin cleaning.
  • Carpet Cleaning. Using our green carpet cleaning method, we lightly mist an eco-friendly cleaning solution on the surface. We then use our cotton bonnets and rotary carpet cleaner to extract stains from the carpet fibers.
  • Grooming. Finally, using a professional carpet rake, we groom the carpet fibers, which gives it a fresh, fluffy look.

Interested in our carpet cleaning service or curious about Kiwi’s other services like rug cleaning, tile and grout, or hardwood floor cleaning? Call our customer service to get a free quote today!

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