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Berber Carpet Repairs

KIWI’s Berber Carpet Repair Professionals For All Your Needs

We at KIWI offer Berber carpet repair services to help you keep and restore your Berber carpet to near-original condition. Whether you have damage from pet bites, cat claw holes, burn holes, snags, or bleach stains, the KIWI Berber carpet repairs team can help restore and fix your carpet and return the luster and beauty to your carpet. In some cases we can reweave Berber and perform minor repairs on small, selected sections, providing you with smooth, uniform carpets. But larger marks such as those from burns, melting, holes and tears require larger, more intricate processes. KIWI has extensive experience in patch Berber carpet repair and our berber carpet repair service professionals pride themselves on matching carpets to create a seamless result. Not only do we replace sections and repair holes, KIWI also repairs and replaces tack strips and padding to restore the entire carpet from wall to wall and top to bottom. Berber carpet repair requires the knowledge and experience only the qualified professionals at KIWI can provide.

Berber Carpet Stretching Service

Beautiful Berber carpet can also fall victim to warping and bulging. After years of enjoying your carpet, foot traffic, humidity and everyday use can cause carpets to bulge, wrinkle, and bubble. Not only do these problems decrease the aesthetics of a room, they can even cause potential injury from tripping. Wrinkles and bulges provide uneven footing and can create dangerous conditions in high traffic areas. With over two decades of service, KIWI has all of the experience needed to restore your Berber, including Berber carpet stretching. We stretch the carpet to match the existing walls and repair any necessary tack strips and padding in the process. Our Berber carpet repair teams can restore any room and have your floors looking great!

Repairing Berber carpet

KIWI has the service experience and expertise necessary to meet all your Berber carpet needs. Whether you need to patch Berber carpet or could use a small spot treatment or repair, KIWI can help. We provide every service needed to restore the look and feel of your precious Berber. Through carpet stretching, tack strip repair, damage repair, Berber carpet matching and all of the other specialized services we provide, KIWI can clean and repair your floors to have them looking new. KIWI understands the beauty and luxury that Berber carpets provide in every home and we pride ourselves on maintaining and restoring that beauty. Let us take care of all your Berber carpet needs. All you need to do is enjoy them!

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